Navigating the Way

Corporate Team - A diverse and highly skilled global workforce consisting of only the elite in the sector.
Project Management – Contract negotiation from the source to the hands of the buyer. We cater to every demand and privation.
Operational Excellence – Continuous improvement methodologies focusing on operational Excellence that extends beyond the improvement of long term change in organization infrastructure.

To Serve To Prosper

Supply & Trading & Logistics: By utilizing our broad network of relationships and logistics assets, including storage facilities, we have the ability to source, from refineries, various grades of refined products and deliver these products to refineries and other marketers.
Transportation – We have an expanding footprint into the growing crude oil pipeline sector as we participate in the rapidly expanding crude infrastructure market. We can facilitate the export to any destination worldwide.

Royale Petroleum is committed to providing our clients with consistent supply of high quality minerals and petroleum products, with minimized cost.
Our unique method of developing a contract price outside the current market through the life of a particular contract. This unique method is advantageous to both our suppliers and our customers. Our performance is indeed crucial to our clients’ success and is vital to our future.
Each senior member of our team, complement each other and are within the top specialist in each of their sector: Petroleum (Crude Oil & Refined Petroleum Products), Raw minerals, Logistics, Supply Chain, Financing and Networking.
We are a Supply Chain Management Group, A Procurement Group and Network, A Logistics Company and A Trading Company. We pride ourselves in delivering our goods, controlling the supply chain and managing all facets of our transactions.

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