Board of Directors

Brian Han – CEO Chairman

  • Research, create and coordinate plans for new business development.
  • Provide ongoing business metrics
  • Perform business and market analyses to identify and evaluate potential new business development opportunities.
  • Analyze market conditions and opportunities, forecast trends, and evaluate relevant data.
  • Provide long-term product cost and revenue projections consistent with business plans and industry forecasts.
  • Developing global strategies
Jason Peltier – Global Consultant

  • Optimize supply activities by providing the best crude or other raw materials to the right locations, at the right times, at the lowest possible cost, safely and incident-free.
  • Trading activities provide incremental value through system optimization and earnings generated in markets and core operations.
  • Marketing to create value and provide products and services to end users of crude.
  • Focus on basic market dynamics, maintain existing customer base, and develop new opportunities
  • Maximize account performance and improve overall financial results and business unit efficiencies.


Dr. Mary – Business Development Director

  • Dr. Mary speaks fluent Chinese. With China’s great economic potential, Mary plays a
    vital role for Royale Petroleum (RP) in connecting and maintaining good
    relationships with the Chinese. She also oversees daily operations for RP to
    ensure every aspect is intact.

Malcolm YC – Manager

  • Graduated with a Diploma in Business from Singapore Temasek Polytechnic, Malcolm Han has been actively involved in Royale Petroleum’s (RP) operations ever since. Malcolm has background in banking and finance and was involved in minerals and petroleum trading for the company. He is well knowledgeable with banking instruments required for international trade such as Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) and thus handles the banking and finance operations of the company. In addition, he oversees export and import trading documentation to ensure trades execute smoothly. With the ability to converse in various languages, he markets products and maintain relationship with RP clients.


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