ROYALE PETROLEUM (S) PTE. LTD. established in accordance with our Holding Company vision and mission in our involvement in the many facets of the petroleum, energy and minerals industries. Royale Petroleum is led by its’ founder and Managing Director Brian Han. Mr. Han, with more than twelve years working in the petroleum industry, has a broad network of international relationships in the procurement of light and heavy crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and mazut. Royale Petroleum has worked with and has colleagues in the industry in Russia, China, Middle East, Turkey, Venezuela, Ukraine, Brunei, Nigeria, Mexico and Malaysia.

VISION of the Company

  • To concentrate on its core business of being a Petroleum and Minerals Supplier while exploring new opportunities in the Asia Market that can transform the company into a leading Petroleum and Minerals supplier in the region.
  • Supported by international and bonafide active associates companies in the Petroleum and Minerals industries from Russia, China, Middle East, Turkey, Venezuela, Ukraine, Brunei, Mexico and Malaysia. We aim to emerge as one of the marketing arm in this industry regionally.
  • Our commitment and expertise will turn us into one of the new up and rising marketing arm in the oil, gas and minerals industry. In the competitive business world of today, Petroleum is becoming increasingly important.
  • Committed in working with our business partners to achieve high standards of trading in Petroleum and Minerals Products. To exceed the expectations of our buyers and have them delivered with high quality and reliable products. Focused on forming long-term close working relationship with our business partners and associates.
  • Our Motto “to Serve and to Prosper” – reflects our on-going commitment in acheiving our goal to become a premier petroleum and minerals supplier.

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